Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grapefruit Marmalade (Microwaveable)

OK! This is an experiment I have yet to try but wanted to share. This recipe would be for a good sized batch of marmalade. You would only use a small bit to have on a Melba Toast or to cook with every once in awhile so I wouldn't worry about the 3 WHOLE grapefruits.

Ingredients (makes 3 cups of marmalade)

3 - medium-sized grapefruit

2 cups - Stevia, or a weight equal to the peeled weight of the grapefruits.

*Grapefruit has plenty of pectin in it. (Pectin is the stuff that makes jam set.)

*By the way, some marmalade recipes use water... not this one. I think you get a more flavoursome marmalade without dilution.


  • Use a peeler (or good paring knife) to peel the thin, yellow, outer layer (zest) from the grapefruits. Slice the zest into thin strips and put it aside.
  • Remove seeds and white pith from the grapefruits. Make sure you do a good job getting rid of the white pith, because it tastes bitter.

  • Chop the juicy bits of the grapefruits finely and put them to a large, microwave-safe bowl (3L/3quarts or bigger) along with the zest. Depending on the size of your grapefruits, the juicy bits should come to about 2 cups worth.
  • Add an equal amount of stevia, i.e. one cup stevia for each cup of chopped grapefruit.
  • Microwave on high for 20 minutes, uncovered, stirring every few minutes. Placing the bowl on a dinner plate will make it easier to put in/out of the microwave when it's hot.
  • To test whether marmalade has reached setting point, smear a little bit onto a cold plate and let it cool to test the consistency. If it's not thick enough yet, then microwave it for another 5 minutes or so.
  • While marmalade is in microwave, prepare some clean jars by pouring boiling water over them to sterilise them.
  • When marmalade is finished, ladle it into the jars, up to 1/2 inch from the top. Put lids on jars, and turn jars upside-down for 5 minutes to seal and sterilise the lids. Then turn upright and let cool.

You could even use these as gifts for the holidays. Just add a bow or ribbon! Use a sharpy to write the date on the top of the jars.

I'll plan on making this soon... if you try it let me know how it goes!!


  1. Hey Shawn'Na,
    Looks pretty! I wonder if that would be too much Stevia though? My experiments have found that it only takes a tiny amount (see my for the disasters and the successes!)...
    What kind of Stevia will you use? Powdered or the raw green kind? I'm about to try grapefruit marmalade with the green stuff - bit worried about the colour!

  2. Too bad no one ever tried this, sure looks good! However I agree with greedykiwi, 2 c stevia seem way too much. I wonder if Shawn'Na used a blend of stevia and erythritol maybe? Or something alike?
    Also, stevia does not preserve the jam, I would make a smaller batch and use smaller jars, just to be safe...